Four valuable & important skills every musician needs to have

Musicians are skilled in playing and listening to music, and there are some fundamental skills that every musician needs to have to improve their skills and become successful. If you are a budding musician learning to hone your skills here are four of the most important and valuable skills you should have.

1. An Ear for Music

Musicians need to have an ear for music and be able to hear the notes and pitches in different types of compositions. Even if this is not your strong point, this is a skill that can be practiced by utilizing ear training apps, which allow you to hear the intricacies of musical composition. Training your ears allows you to hear and appreciate music better, and is a must-have skill for any musician. Training your ears to hear music will help you become a better musician and form a deeper understanding and appreciation for music.

2. Dexterity

Dexterity in the hands and fingers is important for musicians, from those playing the guitar to those playing the trumpet. The ability to utilize your fingers to create the notes on your instrument is a must. Ensuring that you practice your finger movement, and keep your hands in good shape is necessary for musicians, to flawlessly transfer from different notes and hand positions on their instruments.

Memorizing the notes and where to put your hands and fingers to make them is a large part of playing music, so training your hands to be dexterous is an important skill for any musician.

3. Ability to Read Music

Reading music sheets is a skill that takes time to learn. Music sheets show how to play the musical composition and if you can’t read music it is very difficult to play an instrument. Knowing which notes to hit, when to hit them, keeping time, and reading the music needs to be practiced so that you can effortlessly play any composition that is put in front of you.

Reading music and understanding how to make the corresponding notes is one of the most challenging aspects of becoming a musician. It takes time, patience, and studying to truly understand all of the musical symbols, signs, and what they mean. Being able to read music is one of the fundamental skills every musician needs to have.

4. Love of Music and Dedication

Becoming a musician takes time and dedication, and it is not something to be taken lightly. If you do not have a love and appreciation for music, it will be difficult to put the time required to become a good musician. Without a love of music, a desire to learn and the dedication to study and practice it will be incredibly difficult to become a good musician. Music is a labor of love and must be appreciated to be replicated.

These are four fundamental skills that every musician should have, and they will facilitate your music journey. With a good ear and a good eye for music, there is no telling where you can go as a musician. Time, dedication, and love of the craft are what make good musicians great!

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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