GAC-TV announces exclusive Garth Brooks behind the scenes special

“It was too good to be true and now looking back on it, it was too good and it was true,” says superstar Garth Brooks of his three-year run of shows at the Wynn Las Vegas from 2009 to 2012. In Garth Brooks: Blame It All On My Roots, 5 Decades of Influences, premiering Saturday, November 9th at 8 pm ET on Great American Country, Brooks shares exclusive personal videos and photographs of the remarkable journey that enabled him to balance family life with his second love, music. Wife Trisha Yearwood, friend Reba McEntire and Vegas magnate Steve Wynn will also appear in the special.

For nearly ten years, Brooks had been minding his own business in Oklahoma taking care of his three daughters and loving the role of hands-on dad when billionaire Las Vegas icon Steve Wynn called. “I was fascinated about why he retired early,” says Wynn. After several meetings, a trial run solo performance at the Wynn Encore Theater (“The greatest sounding venue I’ve been in in my life,” says Brooks) and the real deal sealer – a private plane to ensure that Brooks’ family routine would run uninterrupted, Brooks signed on for 15 weekends. The format? Just Brooks and his guitar sharing all of the influences from his parents, five siblings and friends, and revealing through music what it was like growing up with strong family bonds.

“The special is a perfect representation of where I am in my life right now.”

Brooks offered to dress up a bit for these special concerts but Wynn disagreed. “There’s no other show in Vegas like this,” Wynn says. “It’s got such honesty, such integrity.  It’s not that you don’t want the band, it’s that you don’t want to lose the simplicity of the man and his music. If you have the kind of gift that he has, it’s a crime against nature not to use it.”

Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood captured home video of many of the special moments leading up to his Vegas run:  the christening of their plane which they named Trixie, Brooks’ first time on the Encore stage and light-hearted moments between the two in the dressing room.

“The special is a perfect representation of where I am in my life right now,” says Brooks. “I believe it accurately paints the ‘frantic’ lifestyle our house is in right now.  We have everyone going every different direction and somehow, it all makes sense.”

Author: Buddy Iahn

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