Series features more than 100 behind-the-scenes photos

Get ready to feel the love! Garth Brooks is set to release, The Anthology Part III, Live, written by Garth Brooks with Warren Zanes on November 20th. It’s part three of Brooks’ massive five part anthology.

Part III is an exciting, detailed, insider look at the electrifying concerts of Garth Brooks. You’ll read about Brooks’ first chance to play live at age 19. It was a job offer at Opryland USA in Nashville but his dad sent him away to college to keep him from playing. Some forces can’t be stopped.

Garth Brooks - Anthology Part III, LiveFrom just being a bar bouncer to playing with only a few people watching at Willie’s Saloon in Stillwater, OK, to being an opening act for Reba, The Judds and Kenny Rogers to finally headline his own tours throughout the 90’s, you get to watch the audience grow larger and larger with each show all the way to international stardom at Croke Park in Ireland! It’s a journey and you are there in Brooks’ entourage for the whole thing.

Trisha Yearwood sums it up best when she says, “I did a lot of tours with other artists, all wonderful, but this was like getting to open for Elvis.”

Brooks says there is no difference between playing for five people or 500,000 but you get to see and feel for the first time, the moments just before he went up on stage in Central Park where a million fans gathered. For many in the metropolitan city of New York it was likely their first live country music experience. Brooks looked pale as a ghost, no pressure!

The 5 CDs contain 52 live recordings, including the new live album, Triple Live. It’s the soundtrack of the record breaking, number one tour in North American history, The Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood. Over 100 amazing behind-the-scenes and performance photos.

There are over ten augmented reality experiences. Download the Garth Live app and hold it over the book cover, along with various photos inside the anthology to watch Garth’s Live story come to life!

Part I, The First Five Years, was a detailed look at the first five years of Brooks’ career. With Triple Live ready for release, the time was right to tell the entire story of Live in Part III of the Anthology, before Part II.

No track listing has been unveiled as of press time, but Brooks released a unique Fan Mix of Triple Live last month. No word if the album will be released separately as 3 CD set or will be all inclusive. Also, the Garth Live app is not available on any mobile store, as of press time, either.