Garth Brooks breaks internet with vinyl record collection

Legacy features three box sets of vinyl records and CDs

Garth Brooks’ vinyl release Legacy got off to another wild start this past Thursday (Feb 28th) after totally melting the system two days before. This time, consumer demand once again overwhelmed the system. Brooks chose to number the first 123,199 vinyl boxed sets so fans could pick their own numbers, making it their own unique package.

After many hours of frustration for those attempting to reserve their meaningful numbers, Talk Shop Live figured out how to stop the system from stalling each time the buyer asked for lowest number available and the resulting sales would go on to break a number of vinyl records.

The number offer was originally scheduled for a 24 hour period or until quantity available was sold. The quantity was gone in just over 12 hours but the demand wildly exceeded the allotted amount of inventory, so Brooks promised the people he would keep the site open another six hours for those who had trouble at the beginning. That extra time would take Brooks through the first 20,000 numbered boxed sets of vinyl – an amazing 420,000 vinyl albums.

“I have friends I would describe as the most patient, loving people on the planet who were pissed!” Brooks states during a Facebook Live video Friday (Mar 1st) morning. “It was a frustrating evening to say the least, but thankfully, everyone of them ended up getting the numbers they wanted.”

Brooks opened up the first window to just his “g-mail” chain and his Inside Studio G viewers and gave them the ‘band and crew’ family price of $100, including shipping. The next window will come in the next two to four weeks with details to come, but will not include shipping and be more like $150.

The vinyl collection features three packages containing No Fences, In Pieces, The Chase, Fresh Horses and Triple Live, which will contain six different covers placed randomly throughout the sets. One set features the original recordings on 140-gram vinyl, the second features a remixed and remastered edition on 140-g, and the third includes a limited edition version of each album pressed on 180-gram vinyl with a fold out poster and holographic box.

The sets will be handmade in four different countries and are expected to ship around November 1st.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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