Garth Brooks gives guitar to cancer patient during ‘The Dance’

Garth Brooks’ comeback is making headlines again this week, but for a very different, and very special, reason. The legendary singer shared an impromptu moment with a cancer patient in attendance during a Minnesota stop on his world tour this weekend.

During the third of eleven shows Brooks is performing at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Teresa Shaw, who drove from Iowa, stood in the front row on Friday night (Nov 7th) holding a white sign that reads, “Chemo this morning. Garth tonight. Enjoying the dance,” a nod to the country singer’s hit song, “The Dance,” which was being performed at the time.

Brooks took notice of the sign and walked over to her where he sat down on the stage and began singing to her. He stopped midway through the final chorus and he began speaking to her and hugging her as the crowd continued to sing. He then unstrapped his acoustic guitar and traded Shaw his guitar for her sign.

“You have all of my strength, you have everybody screaming here, and you will kick cancer’s ass!'”


As the band played, Brooks stood up, held the sign proudly and proclaimed to her and everyone else in attendance, “Sometimes man, sometimes, I’m one of those guys that said, ‘Man, if God would just give a big old hand that comes out from the sky and write, ‘I exist’ then there would never be any doubt, right?”

He continues, “Well I want to tell you right now, God just stuck his hand out and said ‘I exist!’ You have all of my strength, you have everybody screaming here, and you will kick cancer’s ass!'”

Brooks no doubt felt a connection to Shaw. In 1999, he lost his mother Colleen to cancer. And it was just last year when his half sister Betsy Smittle, who also played bass for him early in his career, succumbed to cancer.

Despite Brooks asking fans not to share their filmed concert footage online, this video has gone viral and remains online (as of now) so enjoy this heart wrenching moment while you can.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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