Garth Brooks launches digital music store with two new albums

As promised, Garth Brooks has launched his digital music store featuring all of his albums and then some called GhostTunes.

The digital package contains all eight studio albums (Garth Brooks, No Fences, Ropin’ The Wind, The Chase, In Pieces, Fresh Horses, Sevens and Scarecrow), The new Double Live 25th Anniversary Edition featuring 30 tracks and 30 videos, instant download of the new single, “People Loving People” and the bonus track, “Send ‘Em On Down The Road” from the new Fall 2014 album, other song downloads from the new Fall 2014 album as they become available prior to album release date, the new fall 2014 album on release date the new 2015 album on album release date. The entire package is only $29.99.

Fans also have the option to pre-order the new 2014 fall album on digital format or physical CD for $14.99. Each single pre-order includes an instant download of “People Loving People,” the bonus track “Send ‘Em On Down The Road” and other songs from the new fall 2014 album as they become available. The physical CD option will get you the CD at your door on release date.

Please note, the digital catalog offer does not include a physical CD option for the new fall 2014 CD.

Each back catalog album is also available individually for $12.99 except for Double Live which is $19.99 and includes 25 years of live hits on 2 CDs and 1 DVD, and is set to be reissued on September 30th.

GhostTunes is a full-service music store Brooks co-founded that gives fans the freedom to listen to the music they purchase on the platform and device of their choice. It also offers artists a new way to sell their music as complete albums, singles or bundled.

“When I decided it was time to ‘go digital,’ I didn’t find an existing way that really fit how I wanted to do it.”

The service gives fans the opportunity to listen or download from their own personal “locker” immediately upon purchase and play it on any of their devices: phone, table or computer.

“When I decided it was time to ‘go digital,’ I didn’t find an existing way that really fit how I wanted to do it,” Brooks says. “I shared my dream with some amazing minds and together have created something really special — GhostTunes. This is a site that treats music with the utmost respect, where our job every day is to offer music the way the artists want to share it to the listeners who live for and love it. That’s a job I hope I can do every day.”

Other major artists on GhostTunes include Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert and Ariana Grande. All major labels have agreed to sell music through the new service.

Brooks stopped by ABC’s Good Morning America on Thursday (Sept 4th) to announce the press conference would “change music history.”

Author: Buddy Iahn

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