Garth Brooks on new album: ‘It’s coming out’

It’s been less than a year since Garth Brooks released his long-awaited new album, Man Against Machine, but fans are still eager to get their hands on new music by their favorite singer. After all, Machine was initially announced as a double album last July, but was released with just 14 out of 30 songs that Brooks said he had recorded for the project. Last September, Brooks debuted much of his catalog digitally through his new GhostTunes venture when it was announced that a fall 2015 album would be included with Machine and his previous studio efforts for the $29.99 price tag.

After only releasing two singles from Machine, which didn’t fare too well on the charts, and confirming that he and wife Trisha Yearwood were working on their first duets album, a Christmas album slated for 2015 to “test the waters” for a full blown duets album, fans are wondering what constitutes the “new fall 2015 album” included in the bundle. It has also been rumored that the new solo album has been pushed back to spring 2016, although nothing has been confirmed by Brooks or his camp.

Brooks tells The Dallas Morning News pop music critic Hunter Hauk that new music is coming soon, but didn’t give any specifics.

“It’s part of a digital bundle, so it’s coming out. We’ll start releasing songs on it way before the album’s out. So, I’m hoping this fall you’ll start to hear new music,” Brooks states before performing the first of several shows in Dallas on Thursday (Sept 17th) night.

“The main difference between this [album] and the last [album] we did, is I didn’t trust my pen coming out of the break. Just thought I was rusty. Tell ya what, I’m writing every day now. It feels good and I feel like there’s a lot of Garth that’s gonna be on here. Just experimenting right now. Great place to be and it’s fun. You get to try everything.”

“I’m hoping this fall you’ll start to hear new music.”

Brooks co-penned three tracks for Machine, but no word on how many will be featured on the next album. Many songs Brooks has been working on became lost when he fried his phone in Brazil during the tour’s break.

“I have had that phone for many years and it had ALL of my ‘stuff’ on it…and by ‘stuff,’ I mean pictures, videos, and SONGS…all of the stuff I have been writing and arranging,” Brooks explains in a lengthy Facebook post. “I have tried to bring it back to life, had it worked on, the rice trick, heat trick, everything…to no avail. (Can you say, ‘back-up’?) I have a friend that has a story where he dropped his in the lake and after trying everything, he had to get a new phone…three months later, he walked into his room and his old phone was working. So I am trying that; forever hopeful that my old phone will breathe again.”

Earlier this month, it was announced that a 25th anniversary of No Fences Brooks was planning for November featuring an all star remake of “Friends In Low Places” with George Strait, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line, has been delayed indefinitely due to a publishing dispute. The remake has also been put on hold and no word on what plans, if any, Brooks has for the updated track.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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