Garth Brooks planning world tour, comeback album next year

It’s been talked about for years, and we have been questioning it at The Music Universe for the last few months.  Is Garth Brooks prepping a huge comeback in 2014?  This rumor is looking more and more likely to be true.  Here are the very few details that have led us to speculate this as fact.

This week, news has resurfaced that Brooks and his wife, country superstar Trisha Yearwood, are planning a world tour together in 2014, although no confirmation has been announced yet.  Brooks and Yearwood have talked about this publicly for many years, but have never committed to a firm date for taking the show on the road.  A duets album has also been discussed and is still planned, according to sources.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has reported that the tour will start in the fall of 2014, after Brooks’ youngest daughter goes away to college.  However, the site only mentions that Brooks is planning a world tour with no mention of Yearwood.  It was 15 years ago (16 in 2014) that Brooks last toured after his three year trek around the world wrapped in 1998.  In 2000, Brooks vowed to retire from recording and performing on a regular basis until his youngest daughter graduated from high school.

Four years ago, Brooks signed a five year deal to perform a solo acoustic show at the Encore Theatre at the Wynn Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  Owner Steve Wynn convinced Brooks to perform over 15 weekends per year during the five year engagement.  The residency wrapped after three years last November, but a reunion of sorts is planned when Brooks takes the stage for the last few times at the Wynn when the shows are filmed for a live DVD release this summer.

“We’ll be looking hard for songs just to see what the future might hold for us.”

Wynn told the Las Vegas Sun in November that Brooks planned to start working on the tour early next year.

“He said he’d begun thinking of performing again in August 2014 when she goes off to college. So a year from August, he’ll go out with a tour that will take six months to put together,” Wynn states,

The same source also reveals that Brooks is also planning a “comeback” album for next year.

“You talk about songwriters, the great ones can birth a career, but the greatest ones can bring life back into one,” Brooks states. “So we’ll be looking hard for songs just to see what the future might hold for us.”

We normally don’t report on rumors, but these seem to be “unofficial” announcements as Brooks’ camp has yet to confirm or deny any of this news.  All of these reports are coming secondhand, but from sources very close to Brooks.

The rumors continue Tuesday (May 21st) that country superstar Reba McEntire is in talks to tour with Brooks and Yearwood next year.  A fan has stated that after a recent concert, they were informed by an industry professional close to Brooks that McEntire is planning to join the tour.  Again, this is strictly a rumor and is unofficial!  If and when any of this information is confirmed, The Music Universe will provide you with all of the details!

Trisha Yearwood confirms that a joint album and tour are in the works on August 22, 2013.

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