Garth Brooks preps ‘The Letter’ to explain delayed album

Garth Brooks is preparing to release what he calls “The Letter” to explain the delay for the follow up album to 2014’s Man Against Machine. Last week, Brooks spoke to Greg Hunter of Canada’s Cool 100.1 FM about the delayed project.

“We’re about to release what we call ‘The Letter’. It’s comin’. It’s gonna tell people why the album that’s supposed to be out now is a little late. Because in the year now that we’ve be out on tour, the one thing I keep hearing is ‘Hey man, where’s the Garth stuff? Where’s the new stuff you’ve written?’ Brooks explains.

“The truth is, man, after taking 16 years off I didn’t trust my pen. So now, I’m just doing a lot of writing. I have two writing sessions today I gotta drive into town to do. I’ve been living in the studio and kinda pushing everything back because we’re gonna bring — this next piece is gonna be a lot of Garth, I can just tell you right now. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, we’re gonna see.”

The project was set to be released in the fall of 2015, but was delayed when Brooks announced that he lost the album after his phone was fried during a trip to Brazil last September.

“I have had that phone for many years and it had ALL of my ‘stuff’ on it…and by ‘stuff,’ I mean pictures, videos, and SONGS…all of the stuff I have been writing and arranging,” Brooks explains in a lengthy Facebook post. “I have tried to bring it back to life, had it worked on, the rice trick, heat trick, everything…to no avail. (Can you say, ‘back-up’?) I have a friend that has a story where he dropped his in the lake and after trying everything, he had to get a new phone…three months later, he walked into his room and his old phone was working. So I am trying that; forever hopeful that my old phone will breathe again.”

No word on when “The Letter” will be released, but we will post it as soon as it becomes available.

During the interview, Brooks also confirms that the long-awaited duets album between he and wife Trisha Yearwood is in the final stages of production.

“We spent all of last week buttoning up the very first round of Christmas. So we’ve done our Christmas album, now we gotta do like overdubs and vocals and they’ll mix it,” he states.

Brooks didn’t state when fans could expect the album, but it’s likely it will be released for the 2016 holiday season. The Christmas duets album was first announced in early 2015 as a predecessor to a traditional duets album.


Author: Buddy Iahn

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