The wait is finally over for Garth Brooks fans as the singer has announced that he’s coming out of his self-imposed 2001 retirement to hit the road full time and release new music again.

In a press conference hosted by Sony Music Nashville from Marathon Works Music in Nashville on Thursday (July 10th), the singer confirmed rumors of a new album and tour announcement. While very few details were released about any of his upcoming projects, he did state that the new partnership with Sony Music Nashville will be a wide retail event where the new album, titled Garth, slated to be released around Black Friday, will be available at all retail outlets.

While the singer owns the masters to all of his records, he will be releasing new music on his own Pearl Records with distribution and marketing through Sony’s RCA Records Nashville branch, much like he has in the past with Capitol Records and Big Machine Label Group.

Brooks was vague when asked about a new single to radio only stating, the end of July, but then backtracking to say within the next month to two months as the label execs suggested. He did claim that that he has a lot to say and the record would be a “double album” while not revealing how many tracks will be included.

He also states he’s recorded a song for the album that “might very well, if not, have taken the place of ‘The Dance’ for me,” but is a track that he didn’t write. Brooks also states the sound of the new music is not the new “bro country” or “hick hop” sound that’s currently dominating country radio, but will be “Garth music” which is ever evolving. He also revealed that most of the music he’s recorded over the last three months was not written by himself, although he’s been writing and has plans to record some of his own music.

The biggest revelation of all is that he has unveiled plans to release his entire music catalog digitally for the first time ever through where he has control over releasing each album together instead of singles. He also claims that fans who have been waiting for the digital releases will get his entire catalog for a “stupid price” although no exact pricing was revealed. The digital launch appears to be happening on July 14th as his website has been updated with “digital… the new era begins” with a countdown time for Monday.

“Whatever Andy does with that information, if he chooses to share it, will be up to Andy.”

No tour dates have been revealed either, as he claims Andy from Atlanta will be the first to be notified on July 14th when Brooks personally calls him to tell him the news. He states that Andy had asked that question during Brooks’ full band performances in Las Vegas earlier this year and deserved to be the first to know as he was not able to reveal that info at the time. He also said “whatever Andy does with that information, if he chooses to share it, will be up to Andy.” The rest of the world will know soon after Andy is notified.

Brooks also states that he’s “proud of the ticket price” for the upcoming world tour, although he was unable to say how much they will be offered. As in the past, Brooks is not a fan of tier ticketing and will offer a single price for all seats. Brooks is working with Ticketmaster to try to offer a cheap price, but his website will be the sole ticket seller, as of press time. He is also trying to work out a deal with Ticketmaster to offer some kind of digital download companion with each ticket sold.

Brooks is also planning on taking on social media with official accounts, but gave no timeline for the launch. He states it’s “not about quantity, but quality” with the technology, but isn’t sure where his team is going with that.

Brooks also addressed the Ireland comeback show debacle and hopes they can work something out to continue with all five shows, although is very disappointed at the decision to cancel the shows.