Garth Brooks teams with A+E for documentary

Camera crew following Brooks on tour

Garth Brooks is teaming with A+E for a documentary coming later this year. Brooks first made the announcement on stage during opening night of his stadium tour in St. Louis over the weekend, but leaving fans wanting more. Brooks explained the upcoming film in more detail during his weekly Facebook Live show, Inside Studio G, on Monday night (Mar 11th).

“A+E’s there, so they’re doing this documentary for us and it’s supposed to becoming out probably this fall. So they’re kinda interviewing everybody. I think for the first time ever, I think they’re gonna interview maybe the children, so that will be pretty good. It’s pretty cool.” Brooks says emotionally. “I can you this, there won’t be anybody who interviews that doesn’t know us first hand. So good or bad, whatever you’re about to see, it’s gonna be the truth of the people who surround us.”

Brooks’ social media crew, Brian Moore and Sam Olsen, tell him off screen how excited fans got at the announcement. “When you mentioned during the show that you were doing this, the tweet stream lit up and everybody was like ‘I’m ready for this already!'” Moore says.

“I’m glad you are [ready for the documentary],” Brooks continues. “We’ve never let anybody behind the curtain ever! Because you know the private life, if you want a private life in this business, keep it private, right? So this has been a journey between two people who started out that would be Sandy and myself. and then these three children come along and then here comes the third parent, Trisha Yearwood, so it’s been quite a journey and we’ve kinda kept it all within us, but A+E’s been very sweet and they’ve handled it with kid gloves. But they were there. Got a lot of good footage and they saw the coolest crowd on the planet. So I can guarantee this, in the A+E documentary, the footage that they’re gonna show is gonna be extraordinary because it was St. Louis.”

No other details surrounding the documentary are available as of press time. We’ll have more when it becomes available.

Seventy-five thousand people packed The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis Saturday night (Mar 9th) to see the kick off show. Brooks now holds the all-time record for Any Paid Event at The Dome at America’s Center. The country superstar is five for five on his stadium tour with all previously announced dates sold out.

During Monday’s broadcast, Brooks indicated the next wave of cities would be announced soon. The three year trek will hit 10-12 cities per year and will be in the round staging at most venues.

It was nearly two weeks ago when Brooks broke the internet by selling 20,000 numbered boxed sets of his new Legacy seven LP vinyl collection, totaling 420,000 vinyl albums. The initial quantity was gone in just over 12 hours, but demand exceeded the allotted amount of inventory, and Brooks kept the small window open another six hours to combat the troubled start to the on sale. The sets, being handmade in four different countries, aren’t expected to ship until November.

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