Gemtracks – a beats marketplace by Jesse Neo

Producers and musicians can buy beats at Gemtracks

Jesse Neo is a 22-year-old DJ, singer-songwriter and music technologist from Sydney, Australia, currently residing in Los Angeles. In recent months, he has been making headlines, not for his usual deliciously captivating sounds, but also his innovative beats marketplace.

Starting out as an online store, Gemtracks has turned into a full-fledged marketplace where producers, after going through a tight screening process, can sign up and sell their beats. Each beat is only sold once, and the buyer gets the full copyright ownership. This means the buyer can sell unlimited copies of the beat and keep all the royalties.

“After releasing my first single, I began getting requests from other singers and artists asking me to ghostwrite some beats and backing tracks for them,” Neo told us. “It got to a point I was receiving so many requests from record labels and YouTube videos that I realized the only way to cope was to create an online store that can automate the sale process and show off my catalogue of sounds.”

Unlike other beats marketplace where the same beat can be sold to multiple buyers, beats on Gemtracks can only be sold once. This gives the website a certain exclusiveness. The advantage of buyout tracks is that there is no chance of another song having identical stems, saving the buyer’s face.

“I actually had Gemtracks running for a few years now where every beat was exclusively composed by me,” Neo explained. “Each beat was selling between $99 and $699. Eventually, my producer friends were showing interests in also selling their beats online, and they convinced me to turn the website into a marketplace platform.

“At first I was a bit hesitant, but I soon realized this was the way in the online economy.”

The benefit of Gemtracks over other marketplace websites is that it gives producers access to industry-standard marketing tools, including AI-based analytics, coupon creations, plugins to integrate music players into external websites, and 24/7 tracking. Eventually, the platform will also allow singers, producers and studio owners to collaborate too.

“I have been working on Gemtracks almost every day,” Neo continued. “These days I’m no longer just working with other musicians, but computer programmers and engineers too. So much so, I have been beginning to call myself a music technologist. The internet has been growing so fast, and the only way to make your brand stand out in the online world is to work with the most talented people from that field. It’s kind of cool to see people from completely different worlds work together in a common ground.”

Looking through the website, we can see that all major genres are available, including EDM, country and pop beats. There are also some useful resources for musicians, including eye-catching articles like Diction Exercises for Singers and How to Create a Music Video. It seems the website really has everything a modern day artist would find useful.

If you are looking to buy beats, this is your moment. Head over to now!

Author: Buddy Iahn

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