Gene Simmons defends Tim Tebow and religious tolerance

Founding KISS member Gene Simmons has some harsh words for those who make fun of football star Tim Tebow for his religious beliefs.

In a video from a September 2013 appearance on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, that is now garnering national attention by Christian organizations, Simmons defends Tebow and religious tolerance in general as he discusses the contract his Arena Football League (AFL) team, LA KISS, extended to Tebow.

“We’re about to ‘almost’ sign Tim Tebow and that’s good for football,” Simmons states. “And all those pundits and the people in the peanut gallery who pick on him because he’s a devout Christian and proud of it, is the heinous thing of all sports reporting and journalism. Because here’s a guy who believes in his God and people pick on him.”

He continues, “If he was a Jew or a Muslim and you did that, people would never dare, but for some reason, if he’s a Christian, you’re allowed to pick on him. And I think it is the height of lunacy. And those journalists should be held accountable.”

He concludes, “They’re never gonna pick on a guy who tortures dogs or, perhaps, going to jail for murder, but if he believes in Christ his Lord, then he’s open season. It’s like what country are we living in?”

“If he was a Jew or a Muslim and you did that, people would never dare, but for some reason, if he’s a Christian, you’re allowed to pick on him.”

Simmons has been praised by the Christian community for his unlikely comments, leading one sports fan to call for a “God movement.”

“We unfortunately live in a world where a gay athlete is labeled a hero for his beliefs,” Missouri Christian Justin Nettles says, “but a Christian like Tim Tebow is ridiculed at times for standing up for and living out his faith. Ready for a God movement all across this great nation!”

While Tebow has yet to strike a playing deal, he has been hired by ESPN as a college football analyst for the upcoming season. However, his contract with the network allows him to pursue opportunities as a player.

LA KISS opens its season March 15th on the road against the San Antonio Talons. Their home opener is April 5th against the Orlando Predators at the Honda Center in Anaheim. The team will be the most heavily televised team in the AFL with six nationally televised games – four at home and two on the road, in addition to eight regionally broadcast games, although no broadcast partners have been announced.

AMC, home of “The Walking Dead,” “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men,” has green lit a ten episode docu-series telling the unique story of the formation of LA KISS, the players, the day-to-day operations, and the crafting of game day entertainment plans. The series is set to debut sometime during the season.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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