What is a Gherm? Are you a Gherm? Today on The Music Universe Podcast!

Guestless, today Matt and Buddy discuss what “Gherming” is. “Gherm” is a term used by Nashville insiders to describe someone trying to establish industry relationships in a way that makes industry professionals cringe.

But is Gherming really a “Thing?” Is there one set way to approach people that won’t make you a Gherm? (Said like Germ but with a hard “G.” Think Ghengis Khan.)

Matt and Buddy agree that it is difficult for Nashville newbies to open doors for themselves if they are constantly second guessing social protocol. The internet and social media has completely taken over. If you prefer a handshake and hello over submitting yourself digitally, chances are you’ll get some stares. But does that make you a Gherm?

The co-hosts converse about the various examples of relationship establishing and maintaining, and perhaps disprove the idea that becoming a “Gherm” is a landmine you somehow stumble into. Take a listen and see if you agree!

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