Harry Styles fans upset with Ticketmaster

Ticket prices, long queues and system errors have upset fans

Many Harry Styles fans attempting to score tickets to a New York City area show are lashing out at Ticketmaster over high ticket prices, long queue times, and constant system errors. Ticketmaster Verified Fan pre-sales for the November 28th Love On Tour show at UBS Arena – Belmont Park on Long Island are underway and dozens of fans are sharing their dreaded experiences on Twitter.

Many have been in queue for hours waiting on their presale passcodes only to come up empty handed by the time they’re able to pick their seats. Some are even being kicked out of the room completely while others aren’t able to check out.

“imagine booting someone off the queue TWICE after I’ve been online for over 4 hours lol @Ticketmaster this is seriously ridiculous. i was position 81 and 116 when this happened, make it make sense,” one frustrated fan shares.

“so what i’m hearing is that my chances of actually getting pit after trying to check out like 31 times are slim to none with open mouth and cold sweat thx for the verified presale ticketmaster! super helpful!” one user named Jen shares.

“pit tickets keep popping up and when i got to put them in my cart it says that i’m not logged in!!!!! @Ticketmaster what is happening!!! i dont want to refresh and lose my spot,” one user shares of the frustration of scoring tickets.

“i was so close then @ticketmaster locked me out and im back to 2000+ count ur days ticketmaster,” another user shares.

“I had tickets in my cart and they kicked me out too! I had to get back in like w 2000+ ahead of me Loudly crying face I’m so mad,” a fan shares.

“i am literally only now at half way on ticketmaster. the sale has been happening for almost 1 hour,” another frustrated fan writes.

“harry styles fans and braves fans need to unite today!!! ticketmaster fucked us all over !!!!! they’re system is shitty and only enables scalpers more than ever before!!!!” another frustrated tweeter writes and then questions their sanity, “omfg i used the complete wrong “their” ???? am i having a stroke bc of these damn tickets ??????”

Many fans are also blaming Ticketmaster for price gouging by allowing bots and scalpers to raise demand with its “Platinum” ticketing options.

“Can’t believe Harry’s Long Island show will be empty since scalpers are the only ones who got tickets Upside-down face @TMFanSupport @Ticketmaster how have you not figured out how to prevent this from happening?????” another user asks and then adds, “I totally can believe it but it’s fucked up and @Ticketmaster sUCKS.”

“@Ticketmaster needs to put a stop to the outrageous pricing. if the site only allowed verified fan (scalpers) resales of say 50% higher than face value they’d end a lot of headaches for is real fans,” another fan tweets.

“The way it’s 2021 and we can fly to space but Ticketmaster ‘cant’ seem to find a way to stop bots,” someone writes.

“i’m gonna get a job at ticketmaster and take the whole company down from the inside,” another user presumably jokes.

One user even went to great lengths to file a complaint through a DM on Instagram.

“I’m here to file a complaint. As I’m sure you know, Harry Styles is extremely popular and he has many fans who want to get tickets. It is extremely frustrating for us fans when scalpers buy the tickets and resell them for tremendous amounts of money. I’m talking about $1,550 for a lowerbowl ticket that goes for $133 face value. That’s more than most people’s rent. Is there any way you could implement a feature that doesn’t allow people to sell the tickets for more than they bought it for because this should be a crime. Poor Harry is gonna have to perform to an empty arena in Long Island because so many people bought tickets just to resell, and lemme tell you, most of us are broke college students who simply cannot afford that. Thanks guys.”

One fan shared how they were finally able to obtain tickets.

“Ticketmaster is no help whatsoever. I finally got the tickets to go through by 1. Picking different seats 2. Removing the pre-paid parking pass from the cart 3. Paying for the ‘safeguard your tickets’ guarantee. It literally did not work until I did all three @ once. Good luck!”

Ticketmaster’s practices have been under fire in the past resulting in class action suits over scalping and refunds of postponed shows, among others.

Buddy Iahn
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