There is no doubt that games have come a long way since we visited our first games arcade. It has evolved from enjoying games on a console to carrying around your Gameboy to checking out new games on a smart phone or tablet. In addition to this, nowadays, there are games for everyone, of all ages, backgrounds and tastes. So, if anyone has visited Royal Vegas Online Casino, an online brand which has become quite popular over the years; you will notice that their games are made up of different talents.

Game designers play a monumental part – that goes without saying – but there are also mathematicians, artists and even musicians involved. Our discussion here will focus on the latter – music. We will dive into the nuts and crannies on how game producers make use of the best music to produce the best online casino games and video games with an incredible atmosphere.

1. They Go Bespoke

Game producers don’t rely on a pre-made selection of tunes and melodies. Instead, they make their music fit with the theme and the narrative of their online game. The music doesn’t just match the setting, but it also matches the moment in the game from when the reels are spun to bonus games are played.

2. Playing with Patches

Some game developers create an exciting atmosphere without a blueprint. The software used today often comes with tools that will randomize what aspects of what has already been created. This will help you discover unique sounds that you would never have thought of before. Sometimes the atmosphere is created off the cuff in moments of magic that developers were not expecting.

3. Combining and Tweaking

Stereo is, without doubt, an impressive go-to for atmospheric sounds that will raise eyebrows and impress. By layering multiple sounds and exploring their different stereo widths, game developers can start to uncover innovative ways of implementing an atmosphere that fits the game they are designing.

4. Stretch it with Textures

When a painter paints, he gets a blank canvas and a clean slate. The bigger the canvas the more room for his or her masterpiece to flourish. The same principles can be used by game developers when creating music that speaks to the gamer and provides an integral aspect of the atmosphere. They can make their own canvas bigger by stretching it with different textures. There are a few ways to achieve this:

  • Add three-dimensional depth by using reverb
  • Make it wider with stereo width tactics
  • Add some height by carefully selecting frequency content at the top and bottom
5. Game Developers are Unpredictable

What keeps gamers on the edge of their seat the most is unpredictability. Textural layers can achieve this in most cases but sometimes even with awesome layers, the overall sound may not provide the atmosphere you were hoping for. Game developers attack this problem by adding a filter with a spine wave. What this will do is enhance the sound with unpredictability and a timbre sound. You can also make the volume unpredictable with help from Soundtoys 5.

These are the best ways that game developers use music to create a sense of atmosphere. They may do this to instill suspense, create tension or just keep the liveliness of a game alive. Whatever their reasoning, music is one of the best vehicles to make sure online casino games and video games remain an exciting experience for all.