How to get your music published and boost your career

Getting your music out there is no easy task. With the flood of new artists and material being released all the time, getting noticed can be a challenge. This article will cover some basic tips for getting your music published to boost your career!

Sign Up To Online Publishing Companies

The easiest way to get your work noticed is by having it published with an online/digital publisher. These services are either free or relatively cheap, and they allow you to publish sheet music that can then be sold across various platforms. The folks at Indiefy explain that at the end of the day, publishers want their songwriters/artists to make money, so they will work extremely hard on promoting your music to get you that level of success. They will help you gain exposure by placing releases on websites with high traffic, such as iTunes or Spotify, as well as having the potential of getting into DJ’s record boxes!

Enlist PR Companies

Speaking of exposure, getting your music in the hands of message board users or journalists is another great way to gain it. PR companies can hook you up with this kind of exposure and help get your music out there on a larger scale than just uploading it to Spotify yourself. They can also send press releases about album releases, tour announcements, etc through their media connections – again, helping you reach an even bigger audience than originally thought.

Promote Yourself

One underrated tip for getting noticed by record labels and industry professionals is using social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Make sure that wherever possible (including social networking accounts) you include all relevant contact details so that people who like what they hear or see can contact you directly.

Collaborate With More Established Artists

This point is not so much about getting your music published, but it is one of the best ways of building a successful career in the industry. By collaborating with more established artists, you can get noticed by people who haven’t previously heard/known you, and hopefully lead to bigger success. In addition, it can also lead to increased sales as your name is linked with other successful people.

Get Feedback From Industry Professionals

The majority of professionals have public social media accounts like Twitter account and are not afraid to speak their minds about new music they have heard or enjoyed. So, this should be a major part of your strategy for getting noticed – use social networking sites to gain feedback from those you want to work with so that they know what you’re all about!

Use Your Network Effectively

It’s all very well sending your music to famous people, but don’t forget about the little fish in the pond. The record labels and artists you want to work with have assistants, managers, agents, etc who may be able to put you in contact with the right person. So think about who could help spread your name around and see if they’ll pass your details along!

Consider Marketing Options That Cost Money

If you want to stand out from the crowd, getting a few clever marketing ideas might help you get noticed. There are various promotional activities that can be carried out in order to get your music in people’s ears and eyes, including advertising campaigns on Facebook or Twitter – anything that will let people know about you.

Look Professional

Your appearance and brand image could be the difference between someone playing your song or not, so it’s important to look professional and presentable. Whether this means sticking a professional picture of yourself on an album cover, getting some smart clothes and a haircut or something else entirely depends on you and what you think will work best.

Enter Competitions

Entering competitions is a great way of getting noticed. Popular ones include the Unsigned Artist Competition, which is hosted by popular magazine M Magazine, and the UK’s Best Unsigned Band competition hosted by Kerrang! Magazine. You can also enter your music to be played on local radio stations if you live in an area with several – not only will it get heard by people who may not have otherwise heard you, but some areas even award cash prizes for winning entries!

There are various ways to get your music heard. From putting it up on streaming sites yourself through to subscribing to a publishing company, you have the freedom to choose how far you want to take your career. You can even be featured on popular radio stations or magazines/websites! However, the best way of getting known is by combining several of these factors together – for example, releasing your own tracks online but also trying some marketing strategies that cost money, so you stand out from the crowd. As long as you keep trying new things and doing what works for you, there’s no reason why you won’t be successful in this industry!

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