Idina Menzel releases ‘Move’

New dance project is due this summer

Multi-Platinum selling singer/songwriter and Tony Award-winning performer Idina Menzel has released a new electrifying single “Move” from her upcoming dance project, Drama Queen.

Produced by Chantry Johnson and Mitch Allan, “Move” provides an infectious beat for listeners to embrace the way in which music moves them. The powerful and vibrant new single is about being your authentic self, stepping out of the shadows, and not letting someone else get in your way or steal the spotlight from you.

“I am a Drama Queen…I’m dramatic and emotional and passionate,” Menzel shares. “I love the stage and the spotlight. I love the attention and the roar of an audience. I have big feelings. I sing my ass off through tears of joy, heartbreak, anger, and sadness. This project is the most fun I’ve ever had writing and recording an album. I want everyone to move and sing with me and embrace their inner Drama Queen.”

She continues, “I’m so thrilled that the first single, ‘Move’ is coming in time for Pride Month. It’s a celebration of love in all its forms. The LGBTQIA+ community has always been so inspiring to me—watching friends and fans live so courageously, so authentically.

“So, from this Drama Queen to anyone and everyone who wants to join me in celebration: I’ll meet you on the dance floor or at the stage door or wherever you will have me. This album is for you.”

Menzel’s upcoming dance project Drama Queen, scheduled for release August 18th via BMG, showcases her powerhouse vocals through soaring anthems, disco-infused beats, and just the right amount of drama. Menzel worked alongside global hitmakers Nile Rodgers, Jake Shears, Justin Tranter, Sir Nolan, Simon Wilcox, Laura Veltz, Jim Eliot, Maty Noyes, Mitch Allan, Lindy Robbins, Chantry Johnson, Michelle Zarlenga and more to create a body of work that is a departure from what she’s put out in the past. Harnessing the same unforgettable presence both on the stage and the big screen, Drama Queen is the latest project in which Menzel employs her greatest superpower.

A hot-pink 140-gram vinyl LP autographed by Idina is available for pre-order exclusively through Mendel’s web store. Fans will be able to purchase a sky blue vinyl 140-gram LP available exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

1. Move
2. Beast
3. Dramatic
4. My Love For Life
5. Paradise (feat. Nile Rodgers)
6. Make Me Hate Me
7. Funny Kind Of Lonely
8. Royalty
9. Madison Hotel

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