Idiot Grins ‘Big Man’ brings soul power to rock

For a band described as rock, Idiot Grins brings a lot of soul power to their album, Big Man. From the start, you feel the band channeling plenty of old R&B greats.

Big Man is a unique album when compared to what’s out there today. It’s a fusion of R&B, a bit of gospel and the songs sound so well together there’s hardly any filler in this 11 track album.

If you’re searching for something fresh, Big Man is definitely something you don’t want to miss out listening to.

Idiot Grins is an Oakland, CA band. Members are Michael Conner, Evan Eustis, John Hansen, Michael Melgoza and Randy Strauss. The album was recorded throughout 2014 and 2015 and features Johnnie Bamont and Mic Gillette from Tower of Power and Huey Lewis and the News on horns and Joe Goldmark on pedal steel.


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