Country superstar Garth Brooks announced his retirement from recording and performing in 2000. He stated that he had no plans to record or tour again after he released his final album with Capitol Records in November 2001, Scarecrow, until his youngest daughter turned 18. However, in 2005, he inked a multi release deal with Walmart making him the first artist in history to sign a deal with an exclusive retailer. Two boxed sets, a single CD and DVD boxed set were all released and then the triple disc The Ultimate Hits was widely released featuring four new tracks and a DVD of most of Brooks’ music videos and then some.

November 2007 marked what would become a series of performances when Brooks sold out nine shows in Kansas City, MO. Then, in 2009, he announced a five year lucrative deal to headline acoustic shows at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, NV which only lasted three years. He did a series of charity arena shows in Los Angeles and Nashville and other one-off performances over the last several years that have kept fans and industry insiders on guard as to when Brooks would officially denounce his retirement. During a performance in 2011, he told the crowd he’d be “firing the tour back up” when his youngest daughter went to college.

“Be the first to know.”

Brooks has mentioned that he may do something in 2014 and possibly bring his wife, singer Trisha Yearwood, along for the ride to ease the guilt of a full blown tour. That is the same year his youngest daughter turns 18. I visited his website today (Tues, Feb 19th) and it looks like Brooks has something in the works. The site that used to feature all the info you’d ever want to know about Brooks and his career has been replaced with a single landing page with Flash animation featuring his logo over a purple and white cloudy sky accompanied by thunder and lightning effects with the text “Be the first to know.” All of this follows a single prompt that will sign you up to his newsletter upon entering your email and confirming the message you get.

So does this screenshot give it away? Is Garth Brooks, the King of Country Music, announcing that he’s coming out of retirement and releasing a new album and launching a full blown tour next year? Perhaps it’s just an announcement of one or the other? Maybe it’s set for 2015 like he originally said? I guess you’ll have to do what I did and sign up to the newsletter so we can “be the first to know” what is next for Garth Brooks! Of course, The Music Universe will report any announcement Brooks may make.

Garth Brooks - "Be The First To Know"