Album includes “More” and “Arson”

BTS’s J-Hope has unveiled the track listing for his highly anticipated solo album Jack In the Box. The track listing video depicts a box filled with graphic texts of each track title in order, accompanied by an impactful melody.

The album is comprised of ten tracks: “Intro,” “Pandora’s Box,” “More,” “Stop,” “= (Equal Sign),” “Music Box : Reflection,” “What if…,” “Safety Zone,” “Future,” and “Arson.”

The album’s first single, “More,” released last week, and the last track on the album, “Arson,” act as the album’s anchors, conveying the core message that penetrates the whole album.

“More” is and old school hip hop track that has the rapper sharing his flame-like aspirations and pure passion to escape the box and show the world what more he can offer. Upon its release, the single hit No. 1 on the Apple iTunes Top Song Chart in 84 countries and regions.

“Arson” pictures J-Hope encountering the world outside the box and standing at the crossroads agonizing which path he should take.

Jack In The Box will be released digitally on July 15th and via “Weverse Albums” on July 29th via BigHit Music. “Weverse Albums” allow users to download the albums, photos and more via a QR code.

The project marks the first member of BTS to release a solo project as the group embarks on “BTS’ chapter 2.” Earlier this month, the K-pop superstars announced its members would pursue solo projects while “remaining active as a group.” On June 14th, the group released a new BTS Dinner Party video to celebrate their ninth anniversary when Suga commented the band was going on “hiatus,” causing a frenzy on social media and sending Hybe’s stock plummeting by $1.7 billion overnight. The next day, Big Hit Entertainment, clarified that the statement was mistranslated into English when subtitled in the video.

BTS released Proof, on June 10th, a three disc anthology album that celebrates the nine years of BTS’ journey since their debut, and opens a new chapter upon their tenth year as artists. The project — featuring new tracks, members’ selections, demo versions, unreleased tracks and more — garnered the group’s sixth No. 1 album atop of the Billboard charts with 314,000 equivalent sales in the US driven by CD sales in multiple configurations.