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J. Michael Harter releases ‘Holy Cowgirl’ single

Arizona native J. Michael Harter, former member of the brother sister trio, The Harters, is launching his career as a solo artist. “Holy Cowgirl” is the first single from his forthcoming EP titled Ride On which will be released on September 30th via GMV Nashville/Anozira Records. The single has been released to country radio and is now available on iTunes.

“Holy Cowgirl” is a upbeat, party song that fits into today’s mainstream country music. When I first heard the title I thought, “Oh! So this is going to be a religious song?” Oh no! I was wrong!

The song is fun, catchy and makes you want to dance. It’s about seeing a girl that makes you go “Holy cow… girl!!” It’s about meeting a girl who has that wow factor the guy is looking for.

The song seems to have a little rock and roll influence in there, as well. The melody is perfect for bars, bonfires and parties. With lyrics like “rockin’ them jeans/Yeah, you’re nothin’ like I ever seen/Strutin’ ’round like a cowboy’s dream/Holy cow, girl,” it fits into today’s trend of country music. It’s the typical song about a girl in tight jeans and I’m sure it won’t be long until it’s a top ten hit.


Author: Buddy Iahn

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