Jackson Browne tests positive for coronavirus

Browne has been quarantined for over a week

Jackson Browne has tested positive for the coronavirus. The singer/songwriter shared the news on Tuesday (Mar 24th) saying he’s feeling mild symptoms of the virus and is quarantined in his Los Angeles area home. Rolling Stone spoke to Browne, who says he isn’t sure how he contracted it, but suspects it could’ve been during a recent trip to New York City for the Love Rocks NYC benefit.

“So many people that have it aren’t going to be tested,” he says. “They don’t have symptoms, but they might have it and might be able to pass it on. That’s what younger readers need to understand: They need to take part in the global response to stop the spread. That means not going anywhere, not getting into contact with anybody, not seeing anybody.”

The benefit also featured Cyndi Lauper, Dave Matthews, Warren Haynes, Susan Tedeschi, and Derek Trucks. As of this writing none of the other musicians listed have announced any diagnosis, but several people in attendance have been sick, he states.

The 71 year old musician said he’s been quarantined since he felt sick over a week ago.

“I quarantined immediately upon feeling sick. It was before the mandatory quarantine orders were issued, because you don’t know if you had it or not. I’m in the middle of trying to call everyone I know to discuss with them how they are feeling and whether or not they have symptoms. You have to assume you have it. You need to assume that you in some way could very easily pass it to someone else,” he shares.

He continues, “It’s about ten days. It’s not that long, but it feels like forever [laughs]. It seems like a long time. I’m presuming I got this flying back and forth to New York to do [the] Love Rocks show at the Beacon. And now it turns out that several people who were at that show have tested positive. I’m going to try and get in touch with everybody and keep talking with them.

“I feel lucky that I’m not really badly affected. I guess I’ve got a really strong immune system. There’s so much we don’t know. The one thing you can do is not go anywhere, not show up anywhere. Now, I wish I hadn’t gone to New York and done this benefit. I think to myself, “How much simpler would it have been had I just called in and said, ‘No, I’m not going to travel on a cross-country flight and spend two days in New York with all these people that are singing all over the country.’”

Browne isn’t the only rocker to have contracted the viral disease. Over the weekend, Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan announced he had tested positive for the coronavirus and was in quarantine as well.

“I got my results back today and tested positive for coronavirus,” he shares. “I’ve been sick for a week and feeling better each day. Please don’t be afraid!!! It’s the flu not the plague. I’ve been quarantined for a week and will for another week. And when I feel better, I’ll get tested again to make sure I’m free of this nasty virus. Please help out each other. This will be over soon… with the help of every American!!”

Every major concert, festival and event have either been postponed or canceled due to the pandemic the World Health Organization (WHO) declared two weeks ago. Over 450k cases have been reported in 110 countries with more than 20k deaths and those numbers growing daily. Over 100k people have contracted and recovered from the virus that was discovered last year, forcing much of the world to shut down or reduce hours.

Every hour seems to bring different ideas around the country. Several states have issued “Stay at Home” orders with others quickly following. Only essential businesses, such as grocery stores, banks and gas stations, remain open in those states until further notice. Schools are out for at least a month, but possibly through the end of the school year. International travel has also been restricted until further notice to help combat the rapid spread of the deadly virus that originated in Wuhan, China.

Browne will release his new digital single, “A Little Soon to Say” digitally on Friday, March 27th. It will appear on his upcoming album, slated for October 9th. The song is the B side to Browne’s upcoming single “Downhill From Everywhere,” available on CD and vinyl on May 29th.

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