Head Above Tide features 16 tracks

On his third album, Head Above TideJason Vitelli combines a very New York City-centric album that contains lots of folksy music mixed with fine arrangements and production value. And with that, he really brings a part of New York City hardly seen by the people living it but should be represented. Head Above Tide is the perfect ambassador for this scene.

On this very artsy, avant-garde album, Vitelli channels diverse artists from New York City’s artistic musical heyday and presents a really great piece of musical art. You also get a real feel into this artist turned singer/songwriter’s head as he has a lot to say, musically speaking of course. “Fault Lines” is one of the standouts on Head Above Tide, while “Welcome To My Life, Healing” takes a totally different turn musically, and for the better. “Living Proof” is a beautiful but raw piano track, and “Trees” takes you on a grungy nostalgic.

Sixteen strong tracks are a real delight to listen to. While it’s very East Coast driven, it’s a musical trip you should make.