Jenni Rivera plane crash investigation completed

Mexico’s General Civil Aviation Administration (DGAC) has concluded its investigation for the plane crash that killed Latin superstar Jenni Rivera last year.

Billboard reports that the DGAC has cited a “series of factors” that could have included the age of the Learjet, the age of the pilot, and owner negligence in reporting problems with the plane’s operation caused the plane to crash on the land of a ranch in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon on December 9, 2012, killing the singer and four members of her entourage and both pilots.

CNN Mexico and Mexican newspaper cited that the investigation, released less than a week before the one-year anniversary of the crash, found that the “high level of destruction of the aircraft” did not allow for conclusive findings as to what caused the accident. However, weather conditions, a fire, or an explosion on the aircraft were ruled out as factors in the crash.

The report indicated that the DGAC, which conducted the investigation with personnel from the United States National Transportation Safety Board, as well representatives of Mexico’s national pilots and aeronautic engineers associations, concluded that “a sudden and abrupt lack of control” during ascent that provoked a sheer vertical drop of the plane could have been triggered by a problem with the plane’s horizontal stabilizer by obtaining radar images of the plane’s short flight. Also, air traffic controllers never received a distress call from the crew.

The report details the flight risk factors to “an aircraft that was more than 43 years old, operated by pilots in the extremes of the span of life, one who was 78 years old and the other who was 21 years old.”

“The aircraft operator did not allow notes in the logs about failures detected by the crew as when the aircraft flew out of alignment and vibrated when it reached cruising altitude.”

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also determined after the crash that the pilot, 78-year-old Miguel Pérez Soto, was not licensed in the United States to carry passengers on commercial flights. His license was also restricted to flying at an altitude that required using instruments.

The report also indicated negligence on the plane’s owner, charter company Starwood Enterprises of Las Vegas, for not allowing “notes in the logs about failures detected by the crew as when the aircraft flew out of alignment and vibrated when it reached cruising altitude.”

Rivera was 43-years-old at the time of her death and boarded the plane following her final concert in Monterrey Mexico with her entourage. The plane’s destination was set for Mexico City so Rivera could film an episode of La Voz…Mexico, Mexico’s version of The Voice, where she was a judge.

Rivera’s final concert was documented for a CD/DVD release entitled, Jenni Rivera 1969 – Siempre, En Vivo Desde Monterrey Parte 1, that was released on December 3rd. The set includes songs performed the night of the last concert with some accompanied by Norteño and others acoustically. In addition, the album includes three spoken word segments and a bonus studio track called, “Amarga Navidad.” The DVD content shares moments in the life of Jenni Rivera from the beginning of her career through the rehearsal of her last concert which was also featured on the final season her mun2 reality show, I Love Jenni.

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