Allen blames the airline for leaving them stranded

Jimmie Allen has taken to Twitter to share his frustration of missing a show due to American Airlines canceling a flight that he believes could’ve been handled better. Allen was scheduled to perform at the Mississippi Valley Fair in Davenport, Iowa on Thursday (Aug 4th) night, but was stranded in Pennsylvania after his flight was canceled due to storms affecting the flight path. Allen blames the airline for not communicating sooner, stating he was among the passengers stuck on the tarmac for nearly three hours before being told the flight was canceled.

“American Airlines, didn’t your parents teach you that communication is key? Huh? Ya’ll knew when we stepped foot on that plane at 2:30 that the plane wasn’t taking off. All ya’ll had to do was cancel it. You know, some of us could’ve hopped on another flight and flew to another state to get to our destination in Illinois,” Allen says.

In the two minute rant, Allen says his band, crew and fans were already at the venue awaiting for him to arrive, so the airline should be responsible for covering the cost of the show and reimbursing fans.

“So now, because of you guys, I got a bunch of country music fans out at the fair tonight in Davenport that don’t have a concert, my band and crew, they all there, so I’m trying to figure out which department is going to write me a check and gonna reimburse these fans who paid for a concert that didn’t happen. Because I still gotta pay my band and crew. So ya’ll talk amongst yourself and figure it out.”

Allen continues, “I’m sitting next to a guy on the plane that flies [a lot], and we were looking at this map. All ya’ll had to do was fly south through West Virginia and come back up or go north towards New York and fly over the storm that way. But nah, ya’ll silly [for] waiting until the last minute. And you had us sitting on the plane for two and half hours.”

He says by 1 pm, the airline knew the flight wasn’t going to take off, but allowed the passengers to board anyway.

“The crazy thing was a girl commented on my [earlier] Instagram Live when I was ranting about [American Airlines], talking about when she got to check her luggage at 1 o’clock, the person working down front told her, ‘Hey, don’t even check your luggage because this plane ain’t gonna take off.’ This is an hour and a half before we boarded the plane, man!”

He adds, “I need ya’ll to get it together. Either way, ya’ll let me know who gonna write the check and I’ll give you the address to tell you where to send it to. And I’ll tell you how much this concert was gonna pay me and my band. Because you got my band to pay — I don’t even care about me — you got my band to pay, and crew because they got family, they got wives, they got kids. And, we got a bunch of country music fans upset right now, so I need ya’ll to figure it out. Because I missed two shows in my career and twice has been foolin’ with ya’ll suckers. So get your life together man. Get it together. This is dumb. I’m like really annoyed. This is bad.”

There’s no word if American Airlines has reached out to Allen about the issue.