Jimmy Page announces ‘Sound Tracks’ quadruple box set

Jimmy Page has announced Sound Tracks by Jimmy Page, a special edition box set bringing together the legendary guitarist’s extraordinary compositions for the films Lucifer Rising and Death Wish II along with additional archive material for the first time.

The quadruple box set is available to pre-order now and features two new discs, Lucifer Rising: The Second Coming and Death Wish II: Expansion, that include rare, never-before-heard tracks. The album will be released on Friday, March 6th.

“The archive material and work included here serve as an illustration of the ongoing process at the time of these two projects,” Page says about the project.

Recorded at Page’s home studio in Plumpton and The Sol studio in Cookham in the late Seventies and early Eighties, Sound Tracks features an all-new booklet containing a written track-by-track insight by Jimmy Page for the archive material amidst a stunning collection of original artwork across 36 pages.

The set is available in three configurations: 4 CD, 4 LP and signed deluxe edition. The signed deluxe box set is restricted to just 109 copies and comprises four vinyls and four CDs plus a signed extra large album booklet and a limited edition, hand numbered Gustave Doré Eagle screen print. The signed deluxe edition is completed by a luxury black leather presentation box with stunning debossed detailing.

Due to incredibly high demand and to be fair, each of the 109 signed deluxe edition box sets will only be available to purchase via a ballot.

4 CD | 4 LP | signed deluxe edition

Lucifer Rising

1. Lucifer Rising – Main Title 20:32
2. Incubus 01:45
3. Damask 02:03
4. Unharmonics 02:06
5. Damask – Ambient 02:05
6. Lucifer Rising – Percussive Return 03:21

Lucifer Rising – The Second Coming

1. Lucifer Rising Early Mix 18:59
2. Sonic Textures 1 – Earth 04:33
3. Sonic Textures 2 – Air 03:02
4. Sonic Textures 3 – Fire 01:45
5. Sonic Textures 4 – Water 01:05
6. Sonic Textures 5 – Ether 01:04

Death Wish II

1. Who’s To Blame 02:41
2. The Chase 05:50
3. City Sirens 02:01
4. Jam Sandwich 02:35
5. Carole’s Theme 02:50
6. The Release 02:36
7. Hotel Rats and Photostats 02:46
8. A Shadow In The City 04:02
9. Jill’s Theme 04:00
10. Prelude 02:20
11. Hypnotizing Ways 02:48
12. Main Title 02:44

Death Wish II – Expansion

1. Jill’s Orchestral Theme 04:04
2. Alternate Jill’s Theme 01:26
3. 9M1 02:07
4. City Sirens 02:00
5. Baby I Miss You So 03:12
6. Hey Mama / Swinging Sax 03:13
7. Carole’s Theme – Strings 01:25
8. Prelude 02:13
9. Country Sandwich 02:37
10. A Minor Sketch

Author: Buddy Iahn

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