Jon Bon Jovi featured in new DirecTV commercial

Jon Bon Jovi is featured in a new DirecTV commercial called “Turn Back Time.” The 30 second clip was released to TV networks today (April 14th) and features the Bon Jovi frontman singing a new song written exclusively for the spot.

In “Turn Back Time,” the aging rock star shows off his comedic side. He sings, “You see, we got the power to turn back time / The show you missed, let’s go back and find / And let’s go back and choose spicy instead of mild / And maybe reconsider having that second child / See? That’s the power to turn back time,” before grinning to the camera.

A description of the commercial reads, “A married couple sits down in their living room to watch some television when the husband realizes he forgot to record the show. Little do they know rock star Jon Bon Jovi is behind them and ready to sing them a tune on the power to turn back time with DirecTV. But, even after he shows them how to re-watch television shows they missed, he makes a few more suggestions of change that can be helped with his newfound power. He points out the salsa and changes it to spicy from mild, then suggests they reconsider their second child who is seen drawing on the walls.”

The clip has already aired during The Property Brothers, The Daily Show and most recently (as of this writing) Mysteries At The Monuments.


Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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