Jon Bon Jovi on ‘Burning Bridges’ album: ‘My latest is not my next’

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the surprise announcement of the new Bon Jovi record, Burning Bridgesset to be released on August 21st by Republic Records. Fans are eager to hear more details about the project with rumors circulating the net. A track listing, besides “We Don’t Run” and “Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning,” still hasn’t been unveiled and Amazon has removed the listing on it’s American and Canadian sites (for now). However, frontman Jon Bon Jovi has addressed the project and assures it’s being released.

“You’re gonna find a hell of a lot more about it when it comes out,” Bon Jovi tells WCBS-FM’s Scott Shannon in the Morning. “My latest is not my next and it’s not that it’s a riddle.”

He continues, “This is a fan record to accompany a twelve show international tour. It’s songs that weren’t finished, that were finished, a couple of new ones like the one we released as a single (‘We Don’t Run’). It’s sort of a hint as to where we’re going musically, but the new album, the real new album, will be early next year.”

During a Q&A fan session at BB King’s in New York City on July 18th, Bon Jovi explains the history of the record.

“The Burning Bridges record is our latest. It’s not our next. This is sort of the end of a cycle, not the beginning of another one. 2014 was a pretty dramatic year for me and I’ve come through it, and I’m back to sound, mind and body, at least I think so. ’14 was a miserable year and, so, this is the end of a cycle,” he states.

“In the meantime, the new record that will come out in April or May, is fantastic. I’m really proud of it. I don’t hate Burning Bridges by any means, but some of the songs are ten years old,” he states. “There are songs that, you know, we never used before. ‘We Don’t Run’ is a new one, but ‘Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning’ is probably, I don’t know, eight or ten years old. It’s okay. It wasn’t good enough to make the record [The Circle] at the time, but it’s cool. I’m glad we did it.”

“The Burning Bridges record is our latest. It’s not our next.”

He wraps, “It’s the end of an era, I probably can’t tell you much more than that. It was delivered in a brown paper bag. That’s the cover. There are no lyrics. There’s no credits. There’s no pictures. There’s no videos. There’s no interviews. End of it. There’s no band stuff — don’t look too deep into it. Burning Bridges will come out, and then I have a great album.”

While several sites have reportedly listed a track listing with 16 songs, including an alternate version of their country number one hit, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?” but with Keith Urban instead of Jennifer Nettles, much of the album’s tracks are still not confirmed. Jon’s brother, Matthew Bongiovi, confirms that only eight tracks will be included on Burning Bridges.

Burning Bridges will be the band’s first post-Richie Sambora album. Producer John Shanks is said to have recorded the guitar parts and co-written some of the tracks. However, Sambora does have a co-write with “Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning.”

Author: Buddy Iahn

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