Jon Bon Jovi says ‘there’s been no fight’ with Richie Sambora

The ongoing AWOL status of Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora is still a sensitive subject with frontman and namesake Jon Bon Jovi, nearly four months after Sambora’s sudden departure from the band’s latest world tour. With just two weeks left of the current leg of the tour, Sambora is still missing from the lineup, and fans are hoping the legendary axeman will rejoin the tour when it resumes in October, after a two month break. And, if JBJ has it his way, he will see that it happens.

It was announced in early April that Sambora left for “personal issues” and not many other details were given other than JBJ saying Sambora “has been through this before” referring to Sambora’s rehab stint during the band’s 2011 tour. However, after a string of rumors and reports in recent months that the duo have been feuding over money and the importance of Sambora’s existence in the band, JBJ reaffirmed the love he has for his longtime songwriting partner and second hand man to the Detroit Free Press on Sunday.

“The door’s open. You’re welcome back. We love you.”

“I love the man to death. He’s always going to be the guitar player in the band,” he says. “He’s not been fired. There’s been no fight. There’s been none of that initial TMZ story about money or anything. He’s going through — all I can tell you — personal issues. And as soon as he works them out, he’s got a seat on the plane next to me.”

Bon Jovi even took the opportunity to send a personal message to Sambora.

“The door’s open. You’re welcome back. We love you.”

Sambora last tweeted about the incident on May 25th.

Earlier this month, the guitarist tweeted about spending much needed time with his daughter and not having anything new to report regarding his absence.

Fans have been left to interpret whether or not there has been any hard feelings between the two or if it’s all been hyped up the media. Either way, many fans have taken Sambora’s side including readers of The Music Universe who participated in our poll. 68% of you claim Jon is being the asshole while 12% say it’s Sambora.

Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora Poll Results


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