Video follows digital single released last week

GRAMMY Award-nominated multi-platinum singer and songwriter Julia Michaels has unleashed the clever and campy music video for her latest single “All Your Exes.”

In the visual directed by Blythe Thomas, she quite literally brings the song to life in bloody good fashion. Nodding to cult classics such as Serial Mom and American Psycho, Michaels invites her boyfriend’s exes over for “dinner.” What follows is brutally hilarious as there’s no chance anybody will ever bring up her significant other’s past trysts ever again.

“I think this is the most fun I’ve ever had making a music video,” she commented. “I’ve never really played a character before, so it was fun to let loose and show a side of me that fans haven’t seen,” she says. “I feel like we all have those moments in relationships where our minds go to ridiculous places- like clearly I don’t want to kill your exes, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it,” she laughs. “This album shows another side of me, because for the first time I’ve experienced a new kind of love, one that has been happy and healthy, and the songs reflect that. Oh wow, that sounds gross hearing myself say that,” she laughs “but I’m still excited to share them,” she adds.

A clip of the video premiered yesterday on YouTube Originals weekly music show, Released, which premieres every Thursday night at 11:45 pm ET in the moments before the world’s top artists drop their new music, only on YouTube.

Last week, Michaels unveiled “All Your Exes.” The song was co-written with GRAMMY nominated singer and songwriter JP Saxe.

Be on the lookout for additional details on her forthcoming album, arriving April 30th.