Kat & Alex release Spanish version of EP

Side A of their self-titled EP was released earlier this month

Following the release of Side A of their self-titled EP earlier this month, country-Latin duo Kat & Alex release an entirely Spanish version of the project, Lado B, via Sony Music Nashville. The EP arrives just in time to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Growing up, Kat & Alex recalled seeing “Lado A” and “Lado B” (translation: “Side A” and “Side B”) on their parents’ records. The duo has made it their mission to share music that reaches and celebrates a diverse and expansive audience including Spanish speakers like themselves, so with their debut EP, they decided to release an entirely Spanish version as well.

“Sonically, the project is a melting pot…introducing two different worlds. You’ll hear country, which is the root of it, as well as some rock, soul and pop. The common theme of the music though is love, which is purposeful because our relationship is full of love and it’s the core of everything we do,” the husband and wife duo share.

“Our mission is to show that there’s an audience of Spanish speakers that love country music. It’s not just for one group of people, it can be shared and created by anyone. If you love it, you can make it.”

The real-life married couple is blazing a trail in Nashville this year by releasing their music in both English and Spanish. On Friday (Aug 26th), they shared their latest track, “Mi Casa,” which is the Spanish version of recently released “We Bought A House.” This is the third entirely Spanish song they’ve released this year following “Tomemos Un Trago,” the Spanish version of their track “Let’s Find A Bar,” and “Yo Quiero Amarte,” the Spanish version of their critically acclaimed song “I Want It All.”

For as much as Kat & Alex embody classic country stylings and values, the Nashville-based duo also rewrite the rules altogether with a Latin twist. The pair shake up country with full-bodied soulful delivery, engaging live instrumentation, and bilingual lyrics, introducing themselves as Nashville’s most compelling outliers. Kat is a Miami native and first-generation American from a Cuban family. Alex, who is of Puerto Rican descent, grew up in Northwestern Georgia and moved to Miami by middle school. Their paths crossed after Kat witnessed Alex singing one day at their church, and the two quickly forged an eternal bond after meeting up to collaborate. They appeared on American Idol individually before returning home to focus on writing and recording original music as a duo, and then made their way to Nashville in 2020, igniting a life-altering couple of years.

Kat & Alex released their debut single “How Many Times” and its accompanying Spanish version in the fall of 2020, which amassed nearly 20 million streams independently. The following year the couple tied the knot, made their Grand Ole Opry debut, and released several new tracks to critical acclaim including Heartbreak Tour.

The duo continues to make waves with their scorching signature style while resolutely representing Hispanic culture in country music with a sound that’s rich and soulful with velvet harmonies, pop-like vocal riffs, and hooky lyrics.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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