Katy Perry’s De Soi joins metaverse

First ever-metaverse social media platform collaborates with non-alcoholic aperitif brand co-founded by Katy Perry

FlickPlay, the first metaverse social platform to overlay into the real world using AR technology, and De Soi, a line of sparkling ready-to-drink non-alcoholic apéritifs with natural adaptogens, have announced a new partnership that will transform the way people socially engage and add value to their NFTs across both the FlickPlay metaverse and the physical world. Users will be able to build their digital identities and earn real world utilities from the traits of their NFTs like never before thanks to FlickPlay’s first NFT collection, “FlickyGang;” 5555 unique 3D creatures affectionately named “Flicky” living on the Ethereum blockchain which possess traits that grant access to IRL items, accessories, and experiences with digital twins themed by De Soi, and Katy Perry fans are going to love the IRL experiences.

“The partnership with De Soi signals our mission to tap into the mainstream market and educate consumers on the value of utilities that NFTs bring to the ecosystem. Through adding IRL utility to NFTs, we hope to build the digital footprint of lifestyle brands in the metaverse. Digital assets extend people’s identity, and we are thrilled to partner with De Soi, co-founded by Katy Perry and introducing their brand into the metaverse,” shares Pierina Merino, CEO, FlickPlay.

FlickPlay is the first interface to connect digital and physical properties to create tangible utility for users. In OpenSea, properties functionally exist as rarities; while on FlickPlay, not only do properties act as rarities, each property gives you access to unique IRL utilities. FlickPlay’s new “FlickyGang” NFT collection is leading the NFT 2.0 transition. As the first-ever NFT collection to be displayed in AR, the FlickyGang collection is pioneering the future of NFT social utility while bridging the gap between our virtual and physical experiences with the help of AR technology.

FlickPlay, the first social metaverse platform to overlay into the real word, sees the value and power of our generation’s emerging relationships with our digital identities and has partnered with Katy Perry’s non-alcoholic apéritif brand, De Soi, to announce a unique and hyper engaging way for Katy Perry fans to unlock access to connect with the Music Icon herself through NFTs. By obtaining a Flicky, one of FlickPlay’s 5555 NFT “FlickyGang” collection, holders will be able to access real world benefits in a way that the metaverse has yet to achieve.

Benefits include limited edition De Soi Bottles signed by Katy Perry, access to two year supply of variety pack of De Soi cans, and  exclusive merchandise including silk scarfs, branded coaster and glasses.

The future of lifestyle will be created and established in the metaverse and FlickPlay is the upstart platform facilitating innovation by bridging the metaverse into the real world with its one-of-kind AR camera and interoperable utilities.

FlickPlay’s blockchain integration will power the social utility of NFTs 2.0 – projects with tangible added value, as opposed to the PFP’s moniker first generation NFTs have acquired in the mainstream conversation. FlickPlay aims to build the speculative financial value of NFTs by empowering holders to use their likeness when storytelling with NFTs through videos to build their social capital. NFTs on FlickPlay are directly tied to real life access to utilities such as exclusive experiences and products in the real world that extend owners experience.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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