The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards has announced that his third solo album, Crosseyed Heart, which is his first in more than 20 years, will be released on September 18th.

Crosseyed Heart will include 15 tracks encompassing a variety of genres including raggae, rock, country and blues. The rocker collaborates with Norah Jones on the ballad “Illusion.”

Richards co-produced the record with Steve Jordan, who co-wrote many of the songs as well as played drums on the album.

The album is available on CD and LP with bundles available through Richards’ online store. Random fans will receive autographed copies of Crosseyed Heart when pre-ordered through his online store.


1. Crosseyed Heart
2. Heartstopper
3. Amnesia
4. Robbed Blind
5. Trouble6. Love Overdue
7. Nothing On Me
8. Suspicious
9. Blues in The Morning
10. Something For Nothing
11. Illusion
12. Just A Gift
13. Goodnight Irene
14. Substantial Damage
15. Lover’s Pien