Kings of Leon break new ground with NFT drop

Band raises over half a million dollars directly benefiting Live Nation’s Crew Nation

One of the new pioneers of the NFT album and music movement, Kings of Leon, alongside technology partners YellowHeart and longtime creative partners Night After Night, are breaking ground for the music industry with the release of Kings of Leon’s eighth studio album, When You See Yourself, as an NFT. In a first of it’s kind launch, GRAMMY Award winning Kings of Leon dropped the first ever new album released in NFT format quickly becoming one of the most successful wide-scale use of NFTs within the music industry to date. The unprecedented move has in affect created an entirely new template for releasing music and content to fans. At the forefront of this new wave, Kings of Leon has set the bar for innovation in this high-tech world. The drop has raked in over two million dollars with $600,000 directly benefiting Live Nation’s Crew Nation.

In the history making drop, the band released The NFT Yourself digital art collection. Collectors were able to bid on one of up to 25 unique pieces starting with a $50 exclusive NFT collectible and limited edition Golden Eye vinyl with all proceeds benefiting Live Nation’s Crew Nation Fund. The drop also featured six Golden Ticket experiences, offering fans four front row seats, each tour, to the show of their choosing, anywhere in the world, for life. The centerpiece of this collection, Bandit Wave #2, has all proceeds benefiting the Live Nation Crew Nation Fund. The Legacy NFT Yourself Golden Eye Vinyl is still available for sale through March 19th at 8 pm EST.

The band’s NFT release was meant as a move to provide fans with innovative and unique assets directly, providing ground floor access to their fans to the emerging NFT marketplace that is shifting power back into the hands of creators. For the first time fans have had the opportunity to buy an NFT as an addition to downloading and streaming music on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. The historic drop is also the first time ever that concert tickets have been offered as an NFT. This series of collectibles will become extremely sought after as the space continues to explode. Made in collaboration with Night After Night, the collection has been made available by YellowHeart, the world’s first socially responsible ticketing platform and the pioneer of a rapidly growing trend of NFTs empowering artists to sell collectibles directly to their fans.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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