Kings Of Leon ‘Mechanical Bull’ one of 2013’s best releases

When you’re hailed as the best Southern rock band of the new Millennium you need to deliver, and Kings of Leon definitely deliver on all counts on Mechanical Bull. After taking a three year break, the Kings Of Leon are back with quite possibly their best album to date with a diverse set of tracks that really shines a light on their musical and songwriting talents. Yes, the album is much deeper, more mature and focused, and the Kings have grown up some. But for the old faithful fans that have stuck around since day one, what Mechanical Bull doesn’t lack is any of the Southern style swagger the Followill brothers are known for.

Leading off with guitar heavy single “Supersoaker,” a deep reflective but ballsy tune that’s reminiscent of the old Kings, “Rock City” is a midtempo classic Southern rock groove which slows down the album a bit. With the third track, the garage rock anthem “Don’t Matter” is a declaration that things no matter how trivial always remain the same, which is accompanied by a fierce but way too short guitar solo that anchors the track. It once again shifts dramatically into the slow, atmospheric “Beautiful War” with the album’s most heartfelt lyrics, “I say love don’t mean nothing, left them something, worth fighting for… It’s a beautiful war.” “Tonight” and “Work On Me” will draw comparisons to “Use Somebody” and “Sex On Fire” respectively, but both tracks clearly stand on their own right as two of the many highlights off of this stellar album.

Mechanical Bull has one winning track after another with virtually no filler material whatsoever. Its tracks are all over the place thematically but you do get a heavy dosage of the old Kings Of Leon mixed with their much more introspective, more “grown up” adult tracks that are clearly a sign of things to come out of this band. All bands grow up and/or go in new directions, causing a rift with their fans but The Kings do it the right way by not completing abandoning the formula that made them superstars. Mechanical Bull is the King’s masterpiece and one of the 2013’s best releases.


Author: Rob Perez

Rob Perez is a freelance writer who has been with The Music Universe early on. As a Correspondent for The Music Universe, you will find him writing reviews and live tweeting awards shows.

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