KnuckleBonz announces Misfits Fiend Lager

Beer will be released in summer 2022

KnuckleBonz has teamed with The Misfits for the latest in the KnuckleBonz Beverage Series, Misfits Fiend Lager. The beer is brewed by Calicraft Brewing Co. and is now available for pre-sale at CraftShack.

“Our new Fiend Lager has a thirst crushing bite with a brew so crisp its bone chilling!!” states Misfits Jerry Only.

KnuckleBonz and Calicraft Brewing Co. are working together to bring amazingly crafted, iconic branded beers for the music super fan. The beer will be available through major grocery chains and beverage retailers throughout California and Arizona.

The Misfits Fiend Lager is also offered through CraftShack to bring the beer to Misfits fiends and beer lovers in 40 US states. The Misfits beer ships nationwide with some exclusions based on individual state laws.

Misfits fans who are among the first to order will receive a limited edition collectible poster included free with their order. This poster only ships to the first 500 customers.

KnuckleBonz has also released AC/DC and Pantera-inspired beer.

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