The music on Celestial Gold is the kind of music you would find hipsters tapping their heads to, the kind of music that makes them believe they “discovered” this music and they, and they alone are the only ones allowed access to it. Then by all means necessary guarding it with their lives so that it doesn’t escape their haven of faux coolness. But the interesting thing about Kung Fu Jesus’ debut album is that I really enjoyed Celestial Gold, every minute of it, and as the least coolest person to have ever walked this planet I make it my mission to make this record known to the rest of the uncool world.

I say it’s interesting I enjoyed this album because, while it will find a home with the trendy uber set, Celestial Gold has lots of serious songwriting with cool funky wordplay about mythology that never takes itself seriously, suitable for all kinds of folks. This isn’t dark material but meant more to be about fun. Whereas past bands wrote songs about demons, legends, Vikings and gods to satisfy their pretentious self-worth, Kung Fu Jesus (their very name sounds silly) just wants folks to listen and enjoy Celestial Gold without feeling they need to take notes with a written exam to follow by album’s end.

Eleven tracks of spiritual atmospheric sounding tracks, there’s also a lot of funky sounds and great harmonies. While there are an awful lot of mythic references, Kung Fu Jesus also dwells on hot button topics like technology in the track “Smartphone.” They say what they want to say in this and the rest of the album but while the album does have something to say, you’ll be overwhelmed with the fun and good natured vibes that are present all over Celestial Gold. It’s definitely worth listening to.