Lakeyah, Kylie Morgan among 5 Artists You Need to Know

Music is one of the most inspirational influences we have today. There is a massive amount of new music being put out every day, especially with the current pandemic happening. People are constantly asking me what new songs they should explore and add to their playlists. I find that my musical influences are constantly evolving. Here are five artists you need to know. Each of them have their own style, sound and persona.


Milwaukee hip hop artist Lakeyah is only 19 years old but she can rap with the best of them. The young GOAT (greatest of all time) has opened up as a lesbian and she makes no apologies for who she is. On September 3rd, she released a six track EP with features from Gucci Mane and 42 Dugg. Lakeyah is one of the coldest female rappers to date. She is highly underrated and some people still sleep on her skills. The truth is, she is coming for the top spot.

Kam Owsley

Kam Owsley is a young country music singer from Logan, West Virginia currently living in Georgia. At just 17 years old, he continues to impress everyone who has the chance to see him perform. Influenced by artists like Clint Black and George Strait, his music is more traditional country. His first and only release “Anything” was inspired by his hometown in the hills of Appalachia. It was written by Owsley and his buddy Brian Johnson Jr. Kam is a young gun from the south but he knows how to work hard and his passion is unmatched.


Long Island, NY native Duncan has been blowing up over the last few months. The 24 year old autism behavioral therapist not only puts his heart into his clients but his music as well. With over 10K followers on Instagram and 5K on TikTok in just a few months, he’s really making a name for himself. Duncan looks up to artists like Morgan Wallen, Sam Hunt and Hardy. He’s pop country to the core. His new track titled “Countryside Paradise” will be released on September 10th. Duncan is only going up from here.

Pardison Fontaine

New York rapper Pardison Fontaine (Pardi) has had some major success. He’s been on tracks with artists like Cardi B and he’s currently dating hot girl Meg The Stallion. However, as his own music goes, he is extremely underrated. The fact he’s not a household name yet is rather depressing. He’s one of the most talented artists on the east coast. His style and demeanor are also highly likeable. He has the “it” factor. In August he released a new track titled “By Myself” and will be releasing new music in the future as well. He is one of those artists who just magnify true art. He’s top notch.

Kylie Morgan

UMG Nashville artist Kylie Morgan is fierce, raw and extremely talented. She has a massive voice with a strong pen skillset. She can do it all. Kylie, who is from Oklahoma, has had dreams of being a star since she was four years old. This summer she released a EP titled Love, Kylie and it’s a six track work of art. It’s gritty and relatable. Kylie is going to be the next big thing in country music and we are here for it.

Brittany Vance
Brittany Vance

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