Personally, I had no idea what to expect when I first got hold of All The Rage, the debut album from Brit musicians Latimer House. Here’s the straight open honest deal. Genre-wise you hear bits of Britpop, American honky tonk, indie, emo but when it all comes together this is really one catchy album, certainly an album one wouldn’t tire of listening to multiple times. It’s a feel good album but it also has plenty of introspective tracks, great cruising cuts… essentially an album that fits your current mood. What we all can agree on is All The Rage will definitely be all the rage.

With the current single “This Is Pop” already a hit on American and British radio it’s easy to understand why with its sweet and catchy guitar and bass medley. The following track “Burn” is a beautiful Americana-inspired violin heavy track with an equally beautiful ethereal mood accompanying the track. “Open Your Heart” is one of the best tracks on All The Rage, a solid guitar riff heavy track accompanied by hit ‘em hard lyrics about change, life experiences and making choices.

Ending on a high note with “Love Undermined” is a down home pseudo country inspired ballsy track which takes a look at society as a whole and coming to the conclusion “We need another rebirth, another reconstruct, another reassess, another self-inspect.” “Splash” can’t help but put you in positive spirits, with music seemingly inspired by The Grateful Dead, while the closing track “Bubblegum” will surely remind you of the music of the Meat Puppets. As one might expect, “Bubblegum” pokes fun at overnight, uninspired pop stars with the sarcastic chorus, “We all want to be like you, we want to be like you. You’re happy, rich and free, you’re what we want to be. See you on the stage and screen, so beautiful and clean. So happy, rich and free. You’re what we want to be.” All The Rage is a standout debut album from Latimer House who are among the best of the new crop of Brit bands popping up.