LeAnn Rimes builds musical kingdom with ‘Remnants’

LeAnn Rimes has built her kingdom with Remnants. Country with soul, soul with rock, and beautiful ballads are all contained within this album.

The consistency of love is the theme here, and can be perhaps overdone at times. But, the nod to Garth Brooks’ “Thicker Than Blood” on “Love Line” is catchy and addicting.

Rimes’ career has been one of the most fascinating to watch in country music. Beginning in her teens, it is amazing that she has sustained all of these years. At just 34 years old, she is a two-decade veteran of the industry. That longevity is due to her maintaining an authenticity in everything she performs. You feel her pain and strength on Remnants, as you feel her joy on “Long Live Love.”

The music is an interesting cross-section of country music and punk rock. Pink meets Carrie Underwood. Rimes’ manages to create a musical feeling that lets her roots shine through, while the groove makes many of these songs sound like they could have appeared on a Lady Gaga album.

This album has a parental advisory warning because of the honesty with which Rimes handles these mature topics. It is not so much the swearing that earned it this advisory, but its bluntness. This album is pure and simple emotion. Her most loyal fans have watched LeAnn Rimes grow up through her music. This album is her opus. Rimes’ has built her musical kingdom, and we are all her servants.


Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey

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