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Lee Brice pushes boundaries with ‘I Don’t Dance’

Lee Brice has dedicated his new album, I Don’t Dance, to his wife and their two boys as he pushes country music boundaries by combining his love of rock, pop, R&B and blues.

“I love all kinds of music, I love it all and I’m country boy from South Carolina, but I like all kinds of music,” Brice states as Walmart Soundcheck’s September Country Music Artist of the Month. “There’s all kinds of stuff I love – everything from rock to R&B to pop to blues and so I’m pushing going to those moments on this record.”

The album kicks off with the title track, a love song Brice wrote for his wife as their first dance at their wedding. But the track is only a small indication of what Brice unleashes throughout the standard album’s 13 tracks or the 16 on the deluxe edition. “Good Man” is an uptempo number that features a hard rock drum beat but keeps it country by prominently featuring a banjo and steel guitar throughout. “Drinking Class” still rocks with more of a pop and R&B feel.

“I’ve been really wanting to step out on this third record,” the singer/songwriter explains in a Walmart Soundcheck interview. “Because I now have the freedom. Curb [Records] loved the last record and it was successful, and they kind of said… I kind of did it on my own. I kind of stepped out and did what I wanted to do, so they said, ‘Go do it again.’ They gave me this freedom. So with that freedom, I was really excited to be able to test those waters and push the boundaries. So, not dance inside the same box, you know, as I’ve had to sorta dance in before.”

Watch Brice talk more about songwriting below and watch performances of your favorite Lee Brice songs at Walmart Soundcheck.

I Don’t Dance is in stores now.

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Author: Buddy Iahn

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