Living Colour drummer Will Calhoun debuts ‘rhythm art’ collection

Living Colour drummer Will Calhoun is set to debut a “Collection of Rhythm on Campus” on February 20th called the AZA Collection.

For this collection, Calhoun is described as utilizing a wide variety of drumsticks of different colors to build visual artwork. Then, through an extensive phase of adding and removing the amount of light captured, the artwork reveals itself before being laid to canvas. The result is a highly limited art collection crafted from rhythm.

Calhoun worked with SceneFour, an L.A. based art team, to create his signature style and rhythm which are translated through a sophisticated process into abstract imagery.

Over the last three decades, drummer Will Calhoun’s creativity has stretched genres, mediums and continents. As a founding member of Living Colour, Calhoun’s songwriting and rhythmic prowess has brought him to the forefront of popular music – selling millions of albums, performing worldwide, and receiving several Grammy Awards. With his solo pursuits, he has released one of the most toughted drummer-led jazz records of the decade. And as a visual artist, he has made headlines worldwide with his photographic work, showcasing various remote parts of the world and the culture within.


Author: Buddy Iahn

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