Nehedar is one of those artists from the New York underground indie scene who can totally rock out, or hit you straight to the heart with her beautiful, soft, sometimes dark tracks but whatever you’re yearning for, Nehedar’s This Heart is a winner! Thirteen stand out tracks, each as diverse as the next totally deserves accolades for her insightful, soulful, lyrics and electrifying music. It’s a totally hipster, emo kind of album with an East Village/Williamsburg vibe attached minus any hint of pretension.

“Bells Of the City,” the excellent opening track, gets you prepared for an introspective experience complete with Nehedar’s sweet vocals and insightful lyrics. “Take This World” rocks out while telling it like it is with lyrics such as “Life is cruel to everyone but a few” and “Everything you ever knew was a lie . . . everyone you ever knew is gonna die.” On “What’s Becoming” Nehedar goes for an 80’s inspired synthesizer sound, reminiscent of pop idols Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, but lyrically they’re anything but bubble gum pop. “I love you but you’re hurting me, it isn’t looking good for me. Your apathy is a curse for me. I feel put out as I can be, anxiety controlling me. A shell of what I used to be. Though I get no peace of mind, you just don’t care. This life hardly feels like mine.” The acoustic heavy “This Heart” with its up tempo is anything but an uplifting song, describing the heartache Nehedar sees ahead. The Stevie Nicks inspired “Something To Call Mine,” which will remind listeners of Nick’s “Landslide” has that same general sense of being at a crossroad in life. Certainly one of This Way’s most powerful tracks.

Nehedar is definitely a singer/songwriter to be on the lookout for. This Heart is, from beginning to end, an unbelievable album. It captures really well the sound of indie New York from a female point of view but the album will resonate with audiences everywhere!