Los Amigos Invisibles moves you with ‘Repeat After Me’

When one embarks on listening to Los Amigos Invisibles, one must be prepared to change their mood to feelings of good times as the Venezuelan ensemble are the undisputed masters of getting people out of whatever bad place they’re in. Los Amigos Invisibles will inevitably get you up and going or have your body moving subconsciously anywhere you’re sitting; you can’t help but let their music move you. Repeat After Me is 13 tracks of musical magic that incorporates the Amigos ability to combine funk, disco, rock, electronica and Latin effectively. That’s been key to their 20 plus years of existence.

Traveling the world over, the Amigos integrate a range of cultures that make Repeat After Me an album not specific to one audience. It contains the usual offbeat, comical tunes that declare that these serious musicians have a silly side. The whistling opening on the track “La Que Me Gusta” (The One I Love) includes repeated use of Aye Aye Aye, the Amigos’ way of using humor to describe how their lovers can drive them off the wall at times. “Corazon Tatu” (Heart Tattoo) is the Amigos hardest rock track infused with old school scratchy guitar riffs and modern techno wizardry. Speaking of wizardry, the spacy tune “Sexappeal” shows the Amigos just being guys as they describe getting turned on by their woman. “You look so good in your pantyhose, you drive me nuts when you’re wearing jeans. You bruise my day with a g-string, how weak I am to your sex appeal.”

The album’s strongest track “Stay” shows their maturity and songwriting prowess with the chorus, “To listen to my heart to vanish my fears, just stay a little longer. There’s a world out there that I would have never made it through your eyes. You heart is so much stronger than mine. You can find a way back.”

They immediately follow that up with their zany post modern lounge-esque “Mostro.” That track is followed by the 70s-ish cop-themed number “Like Everybody Else.” The message is pretty clear but the call and response is what will have you repeating the lyrics in your head, “Do you think we are all blind or what? Don’t you know that everybody knows that you’re just like everybody else? You are . . . you are . . . like everybody else. I am . . . I am . . . like everybody else.”

The optimism comes alive in the tech/electronic rich ballad “Hopeless Romance” in which the Amigos clearly won’t give up pursuing their one and only. “And it might not be so . . . but my heart won’t let go. So I do need to know if there is a chance for this hopeless romance.” By the album’s end the Amigos go back to their roots as a jam/party band with “Reino Animal” (Animal Kingdom) that features lyrics with double meanings and Spanish innuendo.

Los Amigos Invisibles continue their reign of cool and their reign as one of top musical acts in Latin alternative music. Repeat After Me is a near flawless production on all levels. It will go down as one of the top Latin albums of the year.


Author: Rob Perez

Rob Perez is a freelance writer who has been with The Music Universe early on. As a Correspondent for The Music Universe, you will find him writing reviews and live tweeting awards shows.

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