When I first started listening to Lost Hollow, I immediately felt like I was visiting Scotland and Ireland. Reminiscent of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and early Celtic music, Lost Hollow soars with the release of their self titled debut available now on iTunes.

You may or may not have heard of them. They are an indie folk act from Nashville, TN. In fact, Lost Hollow is made up of husband and wife duo, Tommy and Lorrie Harden. Tommy is best known as a first call studio musician in Nashville and current touring drummer for country superstar Reba McEntire. Lorrie was a stay at home mom to six kids before reviving her love of music through singing and songwriting.

I’ll have more about how Lost Hollow came about in an exclusive interview with Tommy Harden coming soon only to The Music Universe!

The duo have teamed up with some of Nashville’s premier songwriters and musicians for their debut. Penning eight of the album’s ten songs with the likes of Don Rollings, Brett James, Hillary McBride, Liz Hengber and Ben Caver, it’s clear Tommy and Lorrie Harden have honed their skills to create a unique blend of folk and Celtic music that leave you wanting more from the duo.

While Tommy takes on drums, percussion, acoustic guitar and piano duties for much of the record, they enlist help from some of their musician friends such as Doug Sizemore, Jimmy Mattingly, Mark Hill, Jeff King, Spady Brannan and Jimmy Nichols, among others, to assist their talents on the album’s ten tracks that features a cover of Sting’s “Why Should I Cry For You” and the traditional Scottish folk song “The Water Is Wide.”

Much to my surprise, the album is very well produced for an indie act. I’d say it’s the best sounding record I’ve heard from an unsigned act. Recorded at Tommy’s home studio, the beautiful instrumentation is accompanied by the strong vocal abilities of both Hardens. The vocals are always complementing each other and never once clashing or opposing the other.

As many of the tracks stay close to folk and Celtic roots with brushes used on the drums, acoustic stringed instruments, piano and violin, “Your Attention Please” and “Disconnected” stray a bit towards today’s mainstream music. “Your Attention Please” could easily be released to country radio with “Disconnected” being played on Hot AC stations. Sounds like a pretty good feat for a new act breaking into the traditional folk scene.

Lost Hollow is a change in pace from today’s pop-oriented sound. Traditionalists are going to love it while today’s generation may not.No matter you choice in music taste, I highly recommend giving Lost Hollow a listen. You’ll be glad you did.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars