Lou Reed recovering from life saving surgery

The singer was dying, according to his wife

Lou Reed is recovering in Cleveland from a life saving liver transplant. According to the 71-year-old musician’s wife, musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson, Reed underwent the procedure last month after cancelling a number of concerts in April.

The Guardian reports Anderson as saying Reed would have died had he not went through with the surgery.

“It’s as serious as it gets. He was dying. You don’t get it for fun,” Anderson states. “I don’t think he’ll ever totally recover from this, but he’ll certainly be back to doing [things] in a few months. He’s already working and doing t’ai chi. I’m very happy. It’s a new life for him.”

Reed is from New York, but chose to have surgery in Cleveland due to what Anderson calls “dysfunctional” hospitals in the legend’s home town.

Reed cancelled five West Coast dates in April, including both of his Coachella performances due to “unavoidable complications.” No further information was given at the time. No word on whether the Los Angeles, San Francisco or Monterrey shows that were cancelled will be rescheduled or not.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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