Luke Bryan ‘Crash My Party’ is damn near perfect

Every country girl in America was excited beyond their control Tuesday (Aug 13th) as the release of Luke Bryan’s new album, Crash My Party, took place. My news feed was filled with excitement and song lyrics regarding the album. I spent two hours in my driveway listening to the album in my car. I inspected every lyric, every word. Critics haven’t been very supportive of this new album, in fact the Associated Press seemed to think the album offered zero surprises. Another review even called it “predictable” and said he swung for the fences but “struck out.” I’d like to consider myself a country music guru if you will, as I feel no one is more insightful on the topic as I. My thoughts on the album? Well… let’s get down to business.

I would agree that a few songs on the album are predictable, however, there are a handful of songs that are pure genius. “Drink A Beer” written by the fantastic Chris Stapleton is one of my favorites. It puts a spin on dealing with the loss of a loved one. “I’m gonna sit right here on the edge of this pier and watch the sunset disappear…and drink a beer” is just a sample of what the song entails. I think it is beautifully written and Luke’s voice is simply short of amazing.

Now, you have songs like “Roller Coaster” which is about a summer beach romance which I think we heard enough of on his Tailgates And Tan Lines CD. However, he took a chance with “Blood Brothers” as it’s not Bryan’s normal type of song. It’s a song about friendship and loyalty. With lyrics like “Blood brothers closer than your next to kin, thick as thieves and the best of friends…take a bullet for each other. Yeah brothers, a light that don’t come cheap, you fight, you cry, you lie, you bleed and you lean on one another..blood brothers.” It got my attention and even made me emotional as I thought about my best friend of over 15 years.

“We Run This Town” is one of the best songs on the album, in my opinion. It’s about small town teenage fun and the arrogance that comes with it. Some of the lyrics really take you back in time to the good ol’ days, “We’d drive too fast, We’d get too loud we thought we made the world go round, nothin’ but a bunch of time to kill sit up on the big hill…make a toast, drink it down say yeah man we run this town.”

I wasn’t much impressed with his new single “That’s My Kind Of Night,” as I thought it was way to pop, and name dropping T-Pain and Conway Twitty in the same sentence should be illegal. I do understand Bryan’s desire to take a risk, but music isn’t about risks, it’s about singing from the soul and connecting with people which is why “Dirt Road Diary” is my absolute favorite track on this album with lyrics like:

“If you want to know the real me, just turn the page in my dirt road diary/It’s right there for you to see, every kiss, every beer, every cotton field memory/Tan legs and some Dixieland Delight, ridin’ round, windows down on a summer night/I was there, that was me/It’s right here in my dirt road diary.”

Lyrics that really hit home for me and have a special meaning. The song was written by Bryan, Rhett Akins and Dallas Davidson which makes it that much more amazing. Akins is one of the best songwriters in Nashville and Davidson has a resume the size of Georgia. The song must have meant a lot to Bryan since he named his headlining 2013 tour after it.

Is the album perfect? No. However, critics can be somewhat biased. You need to come from a place of understanding in order to appreciate this album. Obviously, if you are from NYC it would be hard to connect with this album. Most of the songs on this album hit a place in my heart or tugged at my memory bank a little. After all, isn’t that what music is suppose to do? I say Luke achieved what he set out to do. If you toss out “My Kind Of Night,” then the album would be damn near perfect.


Author: Brittany Vance

Southern WV born and bred who is a lover of all things country. She’s a mother of two and professional hell raiser. Brittany will pop in from time to time as a Guest Columnist who will present her unfiltered thoughts on the most recent country concerts and maybe an exclusive interview or two.

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