May Devun’s ‘Penumbra Lounge’ contains layers of R&B

More than just a pop singer or a pop album, May Devun’s Penumbra Lounge contains bits of R&B layered in this melodic album. But it’s May powerful vocals that are the key reason to pick up this album. Believe us when we say, you don’t hear vocals like this everyday.

May can be easily compared to big time powerful female vocalists but there’s just something unique on Penumbra Lounge. Once you hear her you’re hearing something special here and she just gives you all that she has on this nine terrific tracks. This is the kind of album that you just have to stop and listen to and it’s an album you won’t be disappointed with. There’s a different kind of magic here that’s for sure.

“It’s an album you won’t be disappointed with.”

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Rob Perez
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