Metallica releases ‘Live at the Apollo’ digitally

The band offers CD burning capabilities

Metallica’s legendary performance at the Apollo Theater in New York City for a special invitation-only concert for SiriusXM subscribers is now available for digital download in multiple formats.

The one off show took place Saturday, September 21st and was broadcast on the sat rad’s newly resurrected Mandatory Metallica channel in support of the band’s 3D feature film, Metallica Through The Never, which was released exclusively in IMAX theaters in North America on September 27th and wide on October 4th.

The nearly two hour and ten minute concert featured 18 songs from seven albums, Kill ‘Em All (2), Ride the Lightning (3), Master of Puppets (4), …And Justice for All (3), Metallica (3), Reload (1), and Death Magnetic (2), as well as solos from guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo.

The show marked the first time the band has played New York since its September 14, 2011 appearance at Yankee Stadium, and marks the first (and presumably only) time that Metallica performed at the famed Apollo Theater.

The 21 track digital only set is available in MP3, FLAC, Apple Lossless, ALAC-HD and FLAC-HD. Downloadable album artwork containing a booklet, CD artwork and a tray card is also available for those who prefer to burn their own copies onto CD and store in their collection.

1. Hit The Lights
2. Master Of Puppets
3. Ride The Lightning
4. Harvester Of Sorrow
5. Kirk Solo #1
6. The Day That Never Comes
7. The Memory Remains
8. Broken, Beat & Scarred
9. Bass Solo
10. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
11. Sad But True
12. Orion
13. One
14. For Whom The Bell Tolls
15. Blackened
16. Kirk Solo #2
17. Nothing Else Matters
18. Enter Sandman
19. Creeping Death
20. Battery
21. Seek and Destroy

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